Latest Automotive Purchasing and Automotive Supply Chain News

Auto market is an ever-changing and developing industry. There’re new technologies and innovations appearing every day. Automotive Purchasing and Automotive Supply Chain magazines have embraced all these updates to give the readers a fully integrated, interactive and dynamic reading experience.

Users could visit Automotive Purchasing and Automotive Supply Chain news websites and in one click get all the dedicated sector-specific news without searching different sites.

Both sites have been designed to deliver relevant news items for each area of the industry in a clear and reader-friendly format, allowing you to quickly select the stories you are most interested in by sector – with one simple click.

Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain Magazine is renowned for its editorial excellence, cutting-edge design and unique interviews. With top-level executives from all the major international car manufacturers, their tier suppliers, logistics service providers, solutions specialists featuring in each edition.

Automotive Purchasing

Automotive Purchasing is a leading news website focusing on the relationship between tier suppliers and OEMs.

This website covers a range of sectors within the industry, including manufacturing, technology, vehicle launches and executive news.

Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive Supply Chain follows the latest developments in the logistics sector. From deep sea shipping to cross-continental rail freight, the website is the best place to keep up to date with the latest developments in the automotive supply chain sector.

Much like logistics itself, it is important to have complete visibility, and this is exactly what this website provides.